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Trade receivables insurance

The Arboleda is an insurance of trade receivables designed for companies commencing their business activities. Failing to receive payment from buyers for delivered goods or services may cause serious financial problems for a company at the very start of its business activities. The Arboleda is a solution that protects the company against the risk of non-payment both in export and domestic transactions. Thanks to the Arboleda you will be able to expand the circle of buyers and safely grow your business.


Provide reliable guarantees to your business partner. Contract bonds are a widely used as collateral for the performance of a contract. A buyer ordering goods or services may require a specific financial guarantee in case the contract is breached. Providing a buyer with a financial collateral for performance of a contract may pose certain difficulties. The working capital which could be used to grow the company’s business and finance other contracts is blocked. Contract bonds are solution to this problem.


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About company

About company

We provide insurance services to Polish entrepreneurs. We cover both export and domestic transactions of our clients, facilitating safe trade in Poland and abroad. Our activities focus on insuring trade receivables arising from sales of goods and services with deferred payment.

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