•  Mission

    Our mission is to co-create the value of the global aerospace and heavy industry by the promotion and implementation of technological achievements made by Polish and Ukrainian companies, the pairing of business partners and the fulfillment of market needs for goods and services of the aerospace industry on the European, Asian and South American markets.

    We provide professional financial, legal, insurance, transport and logistics services.

  •  Cooperation

    We are a tested and reliable partner for all specialists expecting very well organized deliveries in the aerospace and heavy industry.

    We supply:

    • spare parts
    • finished products (aggregates)
    • components and assemblies for aircrafts, helicopters and a aircraft engines of Ukrainian and Russian (also USSR) production

    We provide:

    • maintenance and repair of aviation equipment
    • deliveries of aircrafts and helicopters
    • deliveries of aircraft engines


  •  Certificates

    We hold all the necessary certificates and concessions allowing us to efficiently function in the industry all over the world. We rely exclusively on high international norms and apply the highest work and customer service standards.